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3rd Quarter Content Crushing


Reward yourself for an outstanding 2nd quarter with commanding & caffeinated leadership content.  A savvy starter book, an authoritative article, or content marketing masterclass is just the content you'll need for a kick-ass 3rd quarter.  Let's go!

Premium Customized LEAD-Generating Content

Leadership is more than know-how.  It's the successful demonstration & execution of relevant, battle-tested content.  Demonstrate your knowledge as a Trusted Advisor through the following customized expert lead-generating resources:

5-Day Business Accelerator Design

Grow your tribe with an advanced & sophisticated business accelerator customized just for your brand.  After 5 days of relevant content under your unique expertise, share your Signature Offering with your newly acquired & nurtured tribe. 


Offering includes:

  • Customized blueprint specific to your brand

  • Fire-starting leadership content [E.g., Digital downloads for a dedicated Discord space, Breakout social audio room | Zoom chat & breakout room scripts; relevant paid industry reports, strategic assessments, etc.]

  • Engaging social media posts, images, etc.  

Success is in the offering as well as the follow-up.

Mastermind Preliminary Session Package

This business mastermind sales conversation script, assessment & basic lesson plan is psychologically-crafted to determine compatibility between you & your prospect, while being chock-full of relevant content that will whet your prospect's appetite for knowledge-based leadership.   This tasty teaser is crafted to suit the needs of your standing as a trusted advisor, as well as the needs of your prospect's desire for enhanced professional development -- all while priming them to be more susceptible to continuing on with you via your Signature Offering mastermind.

"The Universe doesn't give you what you ask for with your thoughts.  It gives you what you demand with your actions."
~ Dr. Steve Maraboli.   

Act now to gain -- then retain -- established mastermind leadership momentum.

Starter Book (85 pgs)

How does the title Author sound?  Nothing demonstrates leadership like a published work chock full of your expertise.  You will be guided into the Amazon Kindle space [E.g., keywords where your work would be most effectively categorized with like titles] & provided with the most economical options to have hard copies of your starter book printed.  Monetize -- then leverage -- your expertise with a published book.  Hello, speaking engagements, increased podcast guest appearances, & guest column bylines.

Proprietary Leadership Framework | Formula for Signature Service Offering

Success has never been achieved without frameworks building out detailed processes to keep us on the right path.  Have a framework crafted specifically for your brand that demonstrates your authority within your industry. 

Your pending tribe & future clients will thank you.

Article | Industry Whitepaper (2,500 words max.) 

Need polished, professional content to share with your audience?  Have a thorough, yet concise article or industry whitepaper crafted to generate leads while demonstrating your authority.  Your content will be formatted accordingly to be in compliance with search engines' ever-changing algorithms.   Share it on your site as a freebie offering or monetize it via gated content.

You have a massive & unique knowledge bank just waiting to be tapped.   Get those sales conversations started.

5 Days to Write Transformative Content that Converts When No One is Buying

Is your business visible?  Join this series of transformative business writing sprints that ensure experts like yourself survive the downward economy.  Stay top-of-mind so you won't get left behind.

Leads are VITAL to your business.

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