Part I: The Road to Entrepreneurship is Paved with a Severance Package & 401(K) Savings

Updated: Jul 14

What a weird journey entrepreneurship has been. 🤯

When I answered the call to venture out on my own in 2013, it was a snap decision made on the heels of my self-emancipation from Corporate America.⛓️

You see, I had enough of languishing as another cog within the Corporate structure for 20+ years as administrative & marketing support.

🤬 I got my fill of being party to booking lodging for third-shift managers & their mistresses.

🤬 I grew weary from speaking with dept hierarchy with only my head poked inside of their office doors, as I couldn't step inside full-view without risking their eyes boldly traveling up & down my then considerably smaller size 8 frame.

So, what was the proverbial needle that broke my back that caused me to flee Corporate America & not look back? 🤔

Was it my blatant flirtation with HR, by posting passive-aggressive signage advising people to make their own damn coffee, or that I don't kiss ass (in so many words)? 🤬

Surprisingly, no.

It was none other than a pretentious, arrogant analyst.

A little back-story: I was a five-star Senior Administrative Assistant within the financial services sector. 😎 I single-handedly managed a department of 350+'s inventory & spending as I did my o