Part II: Insidious, Inc.

Updated: Jul 14

Since the beginning of this unconstitutional lockdown, I’ve witnessed a resurgence of a movement I participated in after my 2013 self-emancipation from Corporate America: groups of like-minds banding together to incorporate as businesses, selling themselves as viable service providers.

The shoddy state of the current economy has certainly sparked a great deal of creativity, so, to those about to rock their dreams of building empires, I salute you. 🤘🏻

There's just one problem (actually, there's a myriad of 'em, but stay with me): simply completing a five-day business launch challenge on Facebook doesn't make one qualified. 😫

Without meaning to sound like Captain Obvious 🙄, business acumen is something that takes longer than five weekdays to develop. Running a successful business requires competency, credibility, (good) credit, & an elusive lil’ rascal named Capital. 💰

Learn the difference between "sweat equity" & flat-out being USED

The lone wolf narrative of starting a business is sexy.

Multiple successes are achieved via assuming multiple roles. I get it. But, honestly, no one should go it alone. It’s just too much time, stress, & you guessed it: capital.

I'm all for working with accountability partners. They keep you on track, keep you honest, & can give you the extra edge you need to succeed. 🤝

But -- & this is a big "but" -- you need to be careful.✋ You’ll need discernment of the different personality types to avoid in any of these so-called paid business groups. Learning who to avoid will prove an invaluable skill over time if you want even the slightest chance of success. People of the Court, I give you the following Exhibits:

The Seasoned Pied-Piper

This guy. 🙄

The Seasoned Pied-Piper is usually a charismatic, fast-talking, AARP-bound huckster who spent most of their adult life moving from one snake-oil sales gig to the next, having been well-prepared by an early career in theater and radio. This character has an innate ability to magnetize the masses 👥, is loud, boastful, and recites their credentials ad nauseum to anyone within earshot, in the same manner, that they read scripts during their theater and radio heydays.

There is no 'I' in' team with this cat until they need access to the group coffer to fund their latest project, which, like the last one, won’t produce any ROI. 🤬

Funding one of their failed events? That happens. 🤷‍♀️

Funding FOUR failed events? Well, are you sure you should be in business? 😬

Jane-of-All-Trades... with an Identity Crisis