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From "Womp" to "WOW!"  Premium B2B Copywriting Subscriptions[TM]








Experience More Engagement & Higher Conver$ions with Prepaid Done-for-You Content Subscriptions

After years of paying countless shiny marketers & attending the University of Amazon Business Marketing Books, I just couldn't figure it out....

"Why aren't web visitors moved by my web content?"
"Don't they feel there's anything urgent (or even genuine)  about my web copy?"

There's nothing like offering a targeted & alluring personal touch that visitors long for during their web searches. Do your web visitors get that?  Allow me to introduce you to my latest done-for-you beta copywriting subscription service, From "Womp" to WOW! Premium B2B Copywriting Subscriptions.[TM]

Now, hold onto your hat, because these subscription services are honey-coated with super-sweet bonuses.

Supportive without being sales-y
Your brand deserves tantalizing web content that evokes trustworthiness while sparking interest & being worthy of being shared repeatedly. Your brand deserves hot messaging that is conveyed through benefits-driven works that don't scream or compete -- rather differentiates by positioning you from an untapped marketing vantage point.

It's your brand, so its story should be told in your voice.  Achieving the Know-Like-Trust factor for your brand IS possible.

Just imagine being able to:
•    Share your expertise with authenticity & authority.
•    Have high-interest web content strategically produced for your target market, that any Google algorithm would love.
•    Market your services in total comfort & surety of advanced expertise.
•    Market with integrity, because you're through with slimy marketers who won't get out of bed for less than [$ Enter obscene amount of money HERE].
... But that's just for starters!
Face it: You need fresh & enticing sales copy that produces positive results [see engagement & conversions], not hyperbole!

Not only that, but:
•    @.l.interpretations produces advanced hot-button copy with the greatest of ease.
•    We're privy to the social triggers that prompt people to buy, buy, buy while regarding these tenets with the utmost respect.
•    We help provide you with the opportunity to finally get out of the rut of zero engagement, zero funnel & zero sales.
•    It is our honor to help you achieve & increase your brand's Know-Like-Trust factor.

No time is better than the present, so get moving
My team & I are not looking to help everybody. We are looking to serve the right people who understand that clarity attracts quality, which attracts profitability.  Because of clarity, you can achieve having quality content via authentic, punchy sales copy that not only spurs engagement but showcases the real you. Let's get down to the brass tacks of what is it exactly that you want & need for brand messaging success.

Use these premium content packages to leverage your brand
This is an amazing opportunity for businesses struggling with creating compelling content or established businesses seeking to step up their web presence.  Come in at three months, six months or 12 months. You'll always have options best-suited to convey the message of your brand.

Prepaid copywriting services for the length of the contract
Benefit from these premium copywriting packages each month of your contract length that will increase your Know-Like-Trust factor.  Enjoy - but don't abuse - unlimited revisions.  TELL ME: where else could you find a monthly deal like this?!   Here, check out below what you could have DONE FOR YOU every month:

Web Traffic | Sharing & Engagement
•    4 Weekly Blog Posts  [ea.  1,600 words max]
•    1 Monthly Industry Trend Report [White Paper]  [1,600 words max]
•    1 Monthly Customized Industry Puzzle [Word Search OR Crossword; JPG/PNG/PDF]


Social Sharing & Engagement
•    2 Sets of 4-Industry Questions for Bi-Weekly Tweet Chats [4 questions every 2 weeks]
•    4 Reference Article Links to support Tweet Chat discussions [2 links every 2 weeks]


From "Womp" to WOW!   Premium B2B Copywriting Subscriptions[TM]

Annual                                Semi-Annual

Prepay:   * * ​Contact for Tiered Pricing of Premium Ghostwritten Content * *


#1:    Unique Selling Proposition that Helps Reveal Your 'Real Slim Shady'
Your message is what makes your business stand apart from the competition. People don't invest in things, but they do invest in solid, successful & trackable solutions either to solve their problems or that will prevent problems. This questionnaire helps you share the value of your services authentically while helping you to make the most sense to prospects.
#2:    The 4 Tenets of Authentically Finding YOUR Story
Maybe you think you don't have a "voice" that counts. You couldn't be more wrong. It all starts with you. Look around. There's a story waiting to be told & fortunately, it requires YOUR voice -- your vantage point. These four tenets will indeed help you find your story.

Prepay:   * * ​Contact for Tiered Pricing of Premium Ghostwritten Content * *

You need content that SELLS, not sedates.  Reach out TODAY.

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